Golf League Rules and Code of Conduct


We ask that spectators do not give advice to the players under any circumstances.

Spectators must stay off greens and tees and be courteous to other players.  No Caddies – No Exceptions!


A player acting in an un-sportsmanlike manner that is seen and heard by a parent or a coach will receive a warning.  A second offense will result in a two stroke penalty.  A third offense will result in disqualification and the player will be removed from the course immediately.  Further action will be determined by the coaches.  A severe act of un-sportsmanship will result in disqualification with no prior warnings.

Un-sportsmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to club throwing, cursing, defaming other players and cheating.

Severe acts include, but are not limited to, fighting with other players, throwing clubs that endanger other players, and/or vandalism of the golf course.

All players competing are guests of the host golf course and are required to respect the course.  They should repair ball marks, fix divots, and rake bunkers during the round.  Please make sure to throw trash into proper containers.

Dress Code:

Proper golf attire is required including collared shirts and dress slacks or shorts.  No blue jeans!  If a player fails to abide by these rules, they will not be able to participate in that day’s event.

Items considered improper include tank tops, sleeveless shirts, cut-off shorts, athletic shorts, jean shorts, tube tops, and halter tops.

Pace of Play:

The host facilities are nice enough to allow us the opportunity to play their courses at a discounted rate.  All players need to keep up pace of play.  Things you can do to help this is to watch your ball and that of other players in your group until you no longer see it rolling.  Try to mark that spot with a nearby tree, bush or structure so that you can find your ball quickly.  With the wet summer we have had, the roughs are very tall and very thick making it much more difficult than usual for this time of the year to find golf balls in the rough.

Players should be able to finish each hole in 15 minutes per hole.  That allows for roughly 2.5 hour rounds or less.  Maximum score for each hole is 9 strokes.  If a player has not holed out after their 9th stroke, then they shall pick up their ball no matter where they are, give themselves a 9 for that hole, and move on to the next hole with their group when the others have finished.

Ball Play:

Unless specifically told otherwise on a given day, the 7th and 8th graders will play the ball down everywhere.

Grades 5 and 6 will play the ball up everywhere for every match. They may move the ball the no more than the length of a scorecard but no closer to the hole.

In order to keep up the pace of play, it has been decided that all white stakes defining out of bounds shall be treated as lateral hazards (red stakes).  Meaning that a player who hits a ball out of bounds, will get to move up to the spot where the ball approximately entered the hazard and drop their ball two club lengths from the hazard and play on with a one stroke penalty from that point.  Normally a player hitting a ball out of bounds through white stakes would drop from where the ball was originally hit instead of from where the ball entered the hazard.  As we get into October, daylight will be getting shorter and shorter and this is one way to make sure all of the kids finish before it gets too dark.

Thanks and Good Luck!