Golf Letter to Parents

Golf Letter to Parents

Blessed Sacrament Golf

Spring 2016

Dear Parents,

Sign-ups for the fall golf season for current grades 4-7 will be held on Thursday May 22nd at the Undercroft from 6:00pm – 7:00pm. Once again, I am having sign-ups now so that I have a team signed up and ready to go when they get back to school in the fall. They will be given handouts with dates of some of the golf camps in the area and have information about the local tournament schedule (7-Up Tour) for some of the more advanced players. I will also give out names of some of the local teaching professionals. There are several very qualified teaching pros to help instruct those kids who are interested in improving their games over the summer. That way, they are ready for golf in the fall when school resumes. It is very important that both parents and players realize that this is not a beginner’s golf program. The players need to have a “reasonable” amount of experience for when we start playing matches in the fall. I would define reasonable as having participated in one or more of the golf camps offered locally over the summer or having spent time with a teaching pro to learn the basics of the golf swing. The main concern for the players is not necessarily their score, but that they can play in a reasonable amount of time and learn the rules of the game. Please keep in mind that most of the golf courses we play do not charge us to play. Therefore, I feel it is our responsibility to get our kids to the courses on time and be able to play 9 holes of golf in 2 ½ hours or less so as not to interfere with their paying customers. For kids who are true beginners and can’t take lessons or participate in any camps over the summer due to playing other sports, then I would strongly recommend they look at signing up for World of Golf’s fall instructional league. They actually work more with the kids on the driving range with instruction from teaching professionals with playing time on the course as well.

Also parents, I can’t stress enough how important your involvement is with helping this program run smoothly. I need your help with running some of the matches since I can’t be at all of them. I need parents to help with the Blue team and the white team. The blue team primarily is made up of older more experienced golfers. The white team is for the younger and less experienced players. Your help is needed and would be appreciated! Due to the fact that there are so few par 3 facilities in close range for our kids, the white team will be forced to play several matches on Saturdays and/or Sundays in September.

I plan to limit the number of players for this upcoming year for both Blue and White teams to 22 total.


Eric Wehrman – Coach