The Boosters need your help! Please read...

The BSS Athletic Boosters need your help.  As you may know, we are responsible for the upkeep of the soccer and baseball fields at DCCH.  We do our best to keep everything as clean and maintained as possible for the entire community to enjoy.  We are very proud of the upgrades we have made to both the soccer and baseball fields.  This includes the new storage building, sprinkler system, bathroom, patio area, new goals, and benches for soccer.


Unfortunately we are experiencing a new trend each week of trash throughout the grounds, and more disturbing, ongoing vandalism.  We ask all coaches, parents, and players please respect the grounds, structures, and equipment.  It is very unfortunate we have had to purchase cameras in the hopes of ending the vandalism.  We are a non-profit organization and money does not come easy.  We need to keep what we have in the best shape possible.


We appreciate everyone’s help in this matter,

The BSS Athletic Boosters





We are watching!



We feel this baseball jersey may have recently been taken by mistake.  The youth would really appreciate getting it back if possible.  Please contact the Boosters if the jersey is found.  It would be greatly appreciated.